Suggested Duties for Club Officers from AMA


The President is the executive officer of the club and presides at all meetings. He or she is the spokesperson for the club. He or she appoints standings and special committees as deemed necessary. the president will cast the deciding vote in case of a tied vote.

Vice President: 

He or she assists the president in all matters and assumes the duties of the president if for any reason the president is unable to perform those duties. The vice president is responsible for the club meeting schedules and other club events whether scheduled or requested by the club officers or members. 

Secretary and/or Treasurer:

They will keep accurate minuets of all regular scheduled and called club meetings and records attendance. He or she maintains an up to date membership record of all club members including mailing addresses, AMA membership numbers, and other contact information. He or she manages all club funds, collects dues when they are payable, and is authorized to pay any and all club obligations from these funds. Appropriate record keeping of all monetary transactions is expected and a treasurer's report is presented at each scheduled club meeting. If the vice president is unable to perform his or her duties, the secretary/treasurer assists with or takes over the duties as needed. 

Safety Coordinator: 

The safety coordinator promotes and encourages a climate of safety awareness within the club. He or she provides a communication between AMA and the club in matters related to safety. A safety audit of club facilities, equipment, and ground to ensure everything is in good working order and safe for normal use by members and the public is recommended at least annually. He or she establishes a club emergency action plan to handle serious accidents/incidents and annually reviews emergency procedures with club members.