1. All Pilots must be current AMA members and be in compliant        with all current FAA regulations and guidelines as well as              members of the H.C.F.F or a guest of a club member to fly 

2. First Pilot in unlocks the gate and the last pilot off the field will    lock the gate. All trash must be thrown away in trash cans or        taken off the field with you. Parking in designated areas only.

3. Aircrafts must be held by a person or restraint device when        starting. Taxiing is only allowed on the way out to the runway      and at no time ever be aimed direct to another person on the      field. 

4. Deliberate flying behind the flight line is strictly prohibited, All      flying must be done from a pilot station and west of the runway    yielding the right away to all full scale aircraft at all times. 

5. Pilots must make appropriate announcements when taking off,    landing, or in emergency situations.

6. Children are not permitted beyond the spectator area unless        under direct supervision of an adult. Only pilots and there            assistants are allowed onto the flight line. 

7. Alcohol consumption is not allowed at any time on the field,        any person suspected under the influence will be asked to leave    or escorted off the field. 

8. Flying operations will stop is any electrical storms are a threat.    Pilots should use his or her best judgement when it is safe to        fly or not. 

Hamilton County Fearless Flyers Flying Site Safety and Operational Rules as of 

March 2016