The Hamilton County Fearless Flyers met Monday, February 15, 2017 at Foxy's in McLeansboro. The meeting was called to order at 5:44 pm by Steve Dodson, President with 5 members present. Secretary and treasurers reports were read. Balance on hand is $1,364.54. Reports stand as read. If you have not paid your dues please do ASAP. 

Old Business:

Dale is good with being safety officer. New officers will be added to the club renewal. 

The city cut the tree line on the east side of the airport. The west side has not been addressed yet. When the work is complete we need to send the city board a thank you. 

Hanger: we continue to use the hanger but Steve  has the only key. We are looking into ways to be independent. Steve is looking into small sheds $1500-$1600. Car ports in Opdyke. K&K has a repo 12x16 $1600. Used 8x10 $2100. After discussion a vote was taken to purchase the 8x10 $1300 which includes the price of delivery. The shed will be across from the pavilion near the tree line. Grade a rock needs to be delivered and spread before the shed arrives. we will need a combination lock for the shed. There was a donation of $200 toward the purchase of the shed. 

New Business:

Members would like a contact sheet for members with name, phone numbers and email addresses. There will not be a mall show this year with Marion Sky Squires. Received the AMA club renewal packet. When the weather gets hot the city will bring hot patch to use for patching cracks on the runway. Bill and Sarah will design a new flyer for the August FLy In before the next meeting. Request letters for donations should be sent out soon. These letters also need to be redone. Steve will be in contact with the Fox Fire team. WE will continue to donate to them. The name of the fly in has always been the Jim Leroy Fly in. So we want to revise the name of the fly in? Jim Leroy Fly In and add Jason or just do a Jason Memorial still up for discussion. 

Joe made a motion to adjourn 2nd by Bill. Meeting adjourned at 6:30pm

Meeting Notes